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Results for: rooster

I love Cock Ash Grey T-Shirt

I love cock, or roosters, the male of the chicken, etc.... Others may like a more adult version of the term. Great for college, spring break, and beyond. Sex. Sexy. Adult Humor. Penis. (7)

I Love Big Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I Love Big (165)

I Love [Heart] Cock Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

I Love [Heart] Cock or ummm.. rooster (6)

I Love My Chickens T-Shirt

I Love My Chickens funny shirt. A great shirt for someone who has pet chickens or runs a farm! These great pets provide breakfast, so what's not to love? (167)

I Love (Heart) Rooster (Cock) Toddler T-Shi

I Heart (love) Rooster (cock) in a bold red & black outlined design that looks great on all our gifts. A heart along with the silhouette of a rooster (cock). A great design for that playful woman. (69)

Deana Loves Cock (D) Women's V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Personalized 'Deana Loves Cock (Rooster)' - designed for dark clothing. Features image of a big rooster and a gold font. Fun sexual innuendo, perfect for clubs and parties! (167)

Pussy/Andy's Cock (N) White T-Shirt

'My Pussy (Cat) Loves Andy's Cock (Rooster)' - Great sexual innuendo! (2)

Pussy/Todd's Cock (M) Women's V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

'My Pussy (Cat) Loves Todd's Cock (Rooster)' - Great sexual innuendo! (167)

Pussy/Darren's Cock (M) Women's Long Sleeve Dark T

'My Pussy (Cat) Loves Darren's Cock (Rooster)' - Great sexual innuendo! (164)

Light Brahma Chickens Black T-Shirt

The Light Brahma is probably the oldest of the Brahma varieties and certainly ome of the prettiest. Brahmas, on the whole, have very sweet, gentle personalities and get along with smaller breeds. (152)

Chicken/Rooster Kids Hoodie


"I Love (Heart) Big Cock" Ringer T


The Cock Jr. Spaghetti Tank


Spangled Cornish Chickens Kids Baseball Jersey

Cornish are sometimes called Indian Games and are definitely related to the Asil family of Asian gamefowl. They are one of the parents of the Cornish/Game cross of broiler chickens. (136)

Pussy/David's Cock (N) Jr. Raglan

'My Pussy (Cat) Loves David's Cock (Rooster)' - Great sexual innuendo! (102)